Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our mother who art in heaven

Today I attended a workshop that I will be attending twice monthly at my church. I'm so excited about it. It's been going on for a while but I only just now took the dive and joined the group.

 The purpose of the workshop is to write a monologue relating to my experience with the feminine/masculine divine. For each workshop participant this could pan out in a number of ways, but each workshop we will discuss, explore, do improv and writing exercises as we use these creative practices to hone in on what we want to convey through our end monologue piece. There is possible opportunity for performance at the end, as our church does put together productions from time to time.

Anyway, thought of the feminine divine has been prevalent in my mind lately, and moreso, the lack of balance in that I find no masculine divinity. I think this isn't actually true, I just think I've learned to accredit all divinity to the female, the goddess, the mother, as a response to growing up in a patriarchal world. I think one of my big interests right now is finding the balanced masculine and feminine in divinity, and learn to call it as such, if I am already seeing masculine divinity but encircling it into the feminine automatically.

Today's writing exercise was to listen to the first words and then just write for five solid minutes. The writing prompt was "Our mother who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name." This really threw me up against a wall and I didn't know what my response/feeling was with that one, so this is what I wrote:

Our mother who art in Heaven.
Our mother who art in Heaven.
... art in Heaven?
Our mother who encompasses haven and hell
and beyond
As heaven and hell are only theoretic representations of
Her joy and
Her wrath
Our mother who art in everything.
Our mother who art in everything hallowed be thy presence.
Hallowed be thy presence for She is beyond a name.
How can you name what permeates everything.
How can you name what exists everywhere?
Our mother who art in everything
Our mother who art everywhere
Hallowed be thy presence.
Our father who art in Heaven.
Where is our father if mother is everywhere?
Where is our father if mother is everything?
Is my father also in everything?
Is my father also nameless?
Our father who art..
Our father who art...

Where are you?
Who are you?

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  1. How do we circumscribe the uncircumscribable!