Monday, January 21, 2013

Happiness is not.

Happiness is not elusive
She does not hide, requiring you to open doors looking for her.
Happiness is not jealous.
She does not react to you spending all your time with other emotions.
Happiness is not demanding.
She will not require a laundry list of things to make her stay.
Happiness is not boastful.
She will not kiss and tell, she will not tell everyone that you've found her.
Happiness is not insecure.
Once you see her for who she is, she will not begin to doubt.
Happiness is not outside.
She is sitting right inside of you, comfortable, meditative.
The day you turn inward and see her, embrace her...
Her eyes will light and all she will say is "I'm so happy that you've found me."
Happiness is not possessive.
She will not pull you in her direction if you choose to walk away.
But with all that she is, and all that she is not, why would you?

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